Useful Wedding Tips from an Expert:


Before you go on Wedding Tour.  Answer these questions.

  • What is our Budget?
  • Is the Venue we are looking at in our Budget?
  • How many Guests are we inviting?
  • Where will we have the Ceremony?       

How long does a wedding venue tour last? 

  • Wedding venue viewings vary in length but typically last somewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.  How long a viewing will last can depend on the size of the venue, how much detail the venue coordinator goes into, and how many questions you ask. 

Make sure you get a good Vibe when doing Site Visits.  

  • While you’re visiting venues, try and get a feel for the overall vibe of the place. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and see if the venue seems to be accommodating. Consider if they have very strict rules or seem to charge for every additional add on (such as cake cutting, chair set up, etc.). Also, try and gauge your interaction experienced with the venue coordinator. You want to ensure you feel comfortable and have an easy time communicating with them. After all, you or your wedding planner will be in touch a lot with them about the details of your wedding.

Who should attend a wedding venue tour? 

  • Aside from the obvious (the engaged couple), it’s best to keep the wedding venue viewing to as small of a group as possible. This will help the couple to focus on what they want, rather than having to weigh too many different opinions. One exception might be if someone is helping foot the bill for the venue, in which case it might be nice to include them and give them a say.

Read Multiple Reviews

  • For a more unbiased look, make sure to do your research on what people are saying about your venue.   Take note of both negative and positive reviews.  This will give you insight into how they deal with an issue that could potentially arise at your Wedding.



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