Love is a beautiful thing, and it is even more beautiful when two people who are perfect for each other come together. Surrounded by their loved ones, Katrina and Danielle tied the knot at Downingtown Country Club. Their wedding was a celebration of their love for each other, cherished memories together, and their commitment to a lifetime of happiness. It was a very emotional day with lots of love and tears. Congratulations to the new Mrs. & Mrs! 

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Downingtown Country Club

If you don’t book with Downingtown, you will HIGHLY regret it!!!I had my wedding there 6/3/23. From the moment we met Terri on our tour, we knew this was the place for us. As a same sex couple, she immediately made us feel comfortable. She was open about the flaws in the system, but honest and willing to adjust, change, adapt, and make things work for me and my wife. This was a huge difference from some places who tried to force us into a box we just don’t fit in. Immediately, we fell in LOVE with the bridal suite (which is absolutely gorgeous), the billiards room, the ceremony pergola with the waterfall, the beautiful ballroom and patio, and of course, THE CHOCOLATE ROOM.But truthfully, the best thing we learned is that the people running your venue can literally make or break your day. Terri was our superhero !! Throughout the entire process from tours to tastings to detail meetings, Terri was sweet, inviting, and happy to do anything that would make us happy!We also had our rehearsal dinner there – run by Kristi and went so smoothly. We had our dinner right after and our server Sadie was incredibly sweet, attentive, and kind to all our guests. She managed to serve 25 people quickly and the food was incredible!! (And affordable – which is super important when you’re paying for a wedding haha).On the day of our wedding, we were greeted by Becca, who was incredibly kind and patient. She helped set up literally ALL of our tens of thousands of boxes of decorations, and staff with her were working tirelessly. Oh.. AND! She helped me meet RON JAWORSKI HIMSELF!!Then of course comes Terri – even in the midst of some family things, she made us top priority. She was running around making sure everything was absolutely perfect for our day. Flash forward, our florist forgot to decorate our arch and Terri, in about 5 super fast minutes, comes out with another floral arrangement, runs around pulling our colored flowers, and creates a beautiful arch out of thin air. She literally saved the day!And of course, Kristi. Whatever they are paying this girl, it should probably be doubled. Kristi was like our silent hero. She left us alone when we needed it, but LITERALLY the second I needed something, I would turn around and there was Kristi, ready to make it happen. She helped me shoo off the super early guests (she makes a great but not very scary bouncer), she bustled BOTH of our super complex dresses in lightning speed cause nobody from our guests could figure it out, she kept us calm and reassured even when we were running behind on time, oh and she makes a pretty great golf cart driver for our picture time!! I actually don’t think I could sing her praises any more or this review would be a novel.In summary, Downingtown feels like home. In the most scary day of your life, you are surrounded by a beautiful but not intimidating venue, unbelievably kind humans, and the best staff you could find. (By the way, they turned over tables and reset the cocktail space like LIGHTNING. It was impressive to watch). Like I said, if you don’t pick Downingtown, I think you will highly regret that decision. It was the best choice we could have ever made.Our guests sung the praises of the food, the drinks, and the entire location. PS- pick the crab cakes. You won’t be sorry!

★★★★★ Katrina C

Reviewed On 6/06/2023