On November 2nd, 2019, Dana and Christian became husband and wife! They got married at the beautiful Downingtown Country Club. Our trending wedding photos in PA captured the most beautiful photos from their special day and they are absolutely to die for!

First, the bride and groom got ready for their big day. Dana wore a simplistic, lace ballgown. Meanwhile, Christian was tying his white tie and buttoning his grey tuxedo jacket, waiting patiently to see his bride. Later, Dana approached Christian in a field with his back was toward her. They read letters that they wrote to each other. Finally, they turned around, and they looked happier than ever. Then, they proceeded to take some breathtaking photos by our trending wedding photos in PA.

Next, everyone moved on to the outdoor ceremony. The sun shined brightly on Dana and Christian as they read their lifelong promises to each other. It could not have been a more perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Moments later, Dana and Christian were Mr. and Mrs. Rooney, and the love in their eyes when they looked at each other was so obvious. Everyone cheered as they walked back up the aisle with glee.

Soon after the ceremony, it was time for the reception. There was not a dry eye in the ballroom when emotional toasts were made to honor the newlywed couple. They shared a heartwarming first dance, and eventually, their guests joined them on the dance floor. Everyone had a blast during the bouquet and guarder toss, and who doesn’t love the Cha Cha slide?
In short, Dana and Christian’s wedding was so beautiful and filled with love.

Congratulations, again, to Dana and Christian on their perfect wedding day!
Our trending wedding photos in PA wishes you many happy and healthy years together!

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