We know it, some of us live it and breath it; social media. Not only are brides and grooms documenting the wedding festivities, but your guests will be too!
We’ve compiled a few fun and creative ways to connect with your guests while documenting your special day!


Wedding hashtags have become extremely popular over the last few years. It’s a great way to view all the photos your guests have posted during your wedding festivities!
Come up with your hashtag, FAST and share it often. We’re talking about putting it on your save-the-dates, on your engagement announcement post, when you propose to your bridal party,
during the bachelorette/bachelor party, at your engagement party, all the way up to your wedding day!

All you must do is search your hashtag on Instagram or Facebook, and all of your guests’ posts using that hashtag will show up! (As long as their profile is public or if you’re following them).
Make sure your hashtag is unique & specific so you can relive the magic whenever you want to without having to scroll past other weddings!

photo credit Boswick Photography 

Snapchat Filter 

Creating a snapchat geo-filter for your wedding puts a personal stamp on your guests’ day of snaps.
Plus, Snapchat Memories will allow you to save your favorite wedding moments and relive the snaps with your wedding filter on it! 

You can create, design or buy your own Snapchat filter for your big day, or for any of your wedding festivity events. (There are so many cute options on Etsy!)
Just go to your Snapchat, head to your profile, select “Filters & lenses” and your creation can begin! Snapchat has so many creative and fun templates to choose from.

Pricing starts at only $5.99 to have a unique and personal filter that you and your guests can use all night long!  

Live Stream the Ceremony 

During these unpredictable times, we understand that not all our loved ones are able to attend important events. Livestreaming the wedding ceremony is a safe and fun alternative! If you don’t wait your ceremony to be so public, make a private Facebook, invite your loved ones to the group and go live in the group! 

 Plus, you can save the live stream to be watched back later. Trust us, you’re going to want to re-live this day after it’s over!  

Social Media Board 

Create your own photobooth props! They’re such a fun way to encourage your guests to take and post photos on your wedding day whether they’re stepping into the photobooth or if they’re taking iPhone photos.  

It’s so fun to look back on your wedding day from your guests’ perspectives! 

photo credit Pravada Photography

photo credit Samantha Jay Photography

Rent a photobooth with an AirDrop/text feature 

Digital photobooths are TRENDING! How easy is it to snap a photo and airdrop it right to your phone for instant sharing?! Sharing your photos that were instantly Airdropped or texted to you means your guests will be more likely to share the photos on social media rather than print photos! Don’t forget to put that hashtag somewhere in the photobooth! 

Ask us about renting our Salsa Photo Booth! It’s self-run, simple, easy and fun! Plus, all couples get access to the entire gallery after the big day. We can promise you that they’re never boring to look back on, trust us. 


Don’t forget to stay in the moment and enjoy your day, make sure social media isn’t a main focus on the day, but embrace this social world we live in and use it to your advantage! You will have access to these memories forever.  

photo credit Angie Just Shoot Me